Dialogue Coach

Dialogue Coach

Sally-Anne is a successful drama and dialogue coach with many years experience who thrives on working with a diverse clientele.

The following examples are testament to Sally-Anne’s ability to assist others achieve success.

Provided audition coaching assistance to professional actor Colleen Hewett (Boy from Oz Arena Spectacular -staring Hugh Jackman 2007).

Audition/Dialogue coach to lead child actor Phil Hancock (The True story of Spit McPhee-alongside Sir John Mills).

Coaching of a group of women with mental health issues to facilitate their creation and performance of Singing In My Head (Umbrella program of the City of Port Phillip Council).

Ongoing role as Drama Coach at the Centre Stage School of Performing Arts.

Coaching of cast member in the hit musical Oliver! due to her expertise in English dialects.

The wealth of experience Sally-Anne has amassed over many years make her ideally suited to assist anyone in need of dialogue/drama coaching.

Need to prepare for an audition?

Have a public/guest speaking spot looming?

Need to learn/brush up on microphone technique?

Want to create/deliver a memorable wedding or birthday speech?

No matter what experience you may or may not have, Sally-Anne can help!