Sally-Anne hangs up her apron as loveable larrikin Mrs Brill in Cameron Macintosh’s & Disney’s smash hit, ‘Mary Poppins’ after nearly three years having delighted audiences in Australia and New Zealand to don prison garb!

In 2015, ‘Wentworth’ features a new inmate and she’s as gruff and foreboding as they come; and they don’t come more gruff or foreboding than Sally-Anne’s Lucy Gambaro.

Sally-Anne Upton’s versatility as an actor, singer and musical theatre performer has won her a nomination for a Greenroom Award for her role as Widow Corney in Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Oliver. Sally-Anne has most recently finished a three year season of playing the role of Mrs Brill in the Australian and New Zealand tour of Mary Poppins.

Sally-Anne has performed in two productions for MTC. She made her debut in Measure for Measure with her wonderful characterisation of Mistress Overdone in 2000 and was asked to perform with Zoe Caldwell in MTC’s 50th Anniversary Production of The Visit.

Sally-Anne’s irrepressible talent has delighted audiences the world over. She has written and performed as a comedienne and was a member of the outrageous Natural Normans, enjoying sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival.

A gifted and phenomenally versatile singer likened to Ella Fitzgerald both at home and in her performances in Greenwich Village, she is equally adept at singing soul, rhythm and blues. Sally-Anne has performed for the Victorian Arts Centre’s highly successful Not Just Jazz nights and written her own one-woman shows, including Maiden Voyage and Sister Sal’s Trivia Nights and Mitch & Trixie Spangle’s Cabaret of Love.

From 1995, for over 16 months, Sally-Anne captivated audiences with the Australian Premier of Late Nite Catechism and was approached by the Victorian Arts Council, which commissioned what was to become a blockbuster tour of 22 Victorian country centres. Late Nite Catechism returned in 2004 for a four-month Queensland Tour and was a highlight in 2006 at the New Zealand Comedy festival.

Her theatrical, film and television credits are similarly impressive and diverse. She has just finished starring in Bogan Pride (Series One) a six part, half-hour musical comedy television series for SBS.

Her portrayal of Yenta, the Matchmaker, which she played opposite Topol in Fiddler on the Roof was considered a tour de force.

Sally-Anne delighted audience with her portrayal of Bloody Mary in the concert version of South Pacific. She has performed for the Playbox in Melbourne with All Souls. She performed the role of GOD in an Australian feature film WIL which was released onto the Global market in 2006.

Sally-Anne played unstoppable Fag Ash Lil the Bearded Lady in the Australian Premier of Side Show Alley the Musical, to extraordinary reviews.

Sally-Anne’s other television and Film experience is extensive with guest leads and principal roles in a variety of situation comedies, dramas and series, including:

  • It’s a Date (ABC)
  • Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries (ABC)
  • Angel Baby,
  • Live and Undone (Cabaret at Mietta’s,)
  • Amber Story,
  • Librarians for (ABC,)
  • Stingers,
  • Stark (Ben Elton,)
  • Blue Heelers,
  • Full Frontal,
  • Damnation Of Harvey McHugh,
  • Storming St Kilda by Tram,
  • Feds,
  • Comedy Company,
  • Good Guys Bad Guys,
  • Genie from Down Under,
  • Law of the Land,
  • Nightingala,
  • Boys from the Bush,
  • See you in Heaven,
  • Bingles,
  • Hey Hey It’s Saturday,
  • Fat Chances,
  • A Night of Infectious Laughter,
  • Straight to the Point,
  • Comedy Festival Gala
  • Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton.